Best Selling 80’s game Bounder, secured for next generation consoles.

We love Retro Games, it is in our blood! We wanted to do a retro game but one which is a recognised classic… so we contacted many license holders of classic retro game, one of them being Gremlin, one of the world’s biggest developers and publishers. Many discussions were had with Ian from Gremlin/Urbanscan and eventually we came to an agreement and the contracts were signed and our we started to re-develop the classic game Bounder for mobile platforms. Bounder was one of the most successful games back in the 80’s and sold millions of copies on platforms such as the Commodore 64, Spectrum and Amstrad.

The game was released at the beginning of 2019 and received many excellent reviews online. 

Our mobile game of Bounder featured the 3 versions, C64, Spectrum and Amstrad all in one app. It was not emulated, we re-created all of the levels and enemy patterns and designed a whole new interface.

The game is available on the iPhone and Android App Stores. 

So moving on to 2023, we had discussed in the past with UrbanScan about the possibility to bring Bounder to a whole new audience and on the latest consoles too, so after much discussion we sorted out a deal for the brand new Bounder to be created for Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox One.

The development of this has already started and we will update you on here as and when we have something cool to show!

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