Actua Soccer Arcade – Retro Best selling game now secured for Mobile and next-gen consoles

We are proud to announce that we are secured the license to one of the world’s best selling football games, Actua Soccer. Actua Soccer (VR Soccer in North America) was originally developed and published by Gremlin Interactive for MS-DOS, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn. The game at one point was out-selling Fifa and they are released Actua Soccer 2 and Actua Soccer 3 also. 

The new game is called Actua Soccer Arcade and it is quite different from the original but has elements which will spark the memory from many retro gamers that owned the originals. The game features a variety of teams and leagues to choose from, including national teams and club teams from various countries. Players can create their own teams and customize team kits, as well as participate in various game modes, such as exhibition matches, leagues, and tournaments.

We had discussed in the past with UrbanScan about the possibility to bring Actua Soccer back and to a whole new audience and on the latest consoles too, so after much discussion we sorted out a deal for Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox One.


The development of this has already started and we will update you on here as and when we have something cool to show!

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