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We have contributed to projects across the entire spectrum of major consoles, from the SNES to Mobile devices.

Our involvement spans platforms from WAP and Symbian to the iOS and Android devices that populate the market today.

Highlighted below are instances of our work, including numerous projects we’ve independently released, as well as collaborations with prominent publishers.

If you have an innovative idea you’re eager to share with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

JEWEL TUMBLE - IPhone and Android

Jewel Tumble is an addictive mobile puzzle game that will captivate you with its dazzling gem-matching challenges and eye-catching graphics that bring the world of sparkling gems to life.

Designed for players of all ages, this addictive game offers a offers a gem-tastic experience that’s visually stunning and mentally stimulating, and of course challenging!

In Jewel Tumble, players embark on a thrilling adventure through a world filled with colorful jewels and mind-bending puzzles. Rotate the Shapes to move your Gems through a series of tight and complex series of puzzles to release as many as you can.

Featuring 999 levels in this game, plenty to keep you going and the gameplay becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress.

Jewel Tumble can be download on the Apple Appstore and GooglePlay.

World Lawn Bowls - IPhone, Android & Desktop

The world’s first lawn bowls game and is now back! Originally a PC Game created in 2004, World Lawn Bowls is now Online and Mobile for everyone to play against each other. 

World Lawn Bowls now enables you to play other bowlers from your Desktop Computer online through your browser or on your iPhone and Android Mobile Device.

Challenge other players around the globe and become a better Lawn Bowler, work your way to the top of the leaderboard and compete in competitions to be crowned the World Lawn Bowls winner!

Visit or download the game on the Apple Appstore or GooglePlay.

Bounder - IPhone And Android

One of the 80’s biggest selling games is now on Mobile and includes the C64, Spectrum and Amstrad versions all in one App!

Bounder popularity spans decades and has continued to be featured in many retro magazines, videos and on social media to this day. This little tennis ball of fun continues to be highly regarded and fondly remembered. Originally created by Christian Shrigley, Andrew Green, Robert Toone and Published by Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd in 1985.

Today Bounder is still really popular in the Retro gaming circles, with 2 page spreads in Retro Gamer and it’s even to be included in the Mini C64 release. If you haven’t played it, then the new mobile game will be something you will not be able to put down!

Previous Games Designed, Developed And Published By Swivel

Previous Games For Various Development Companies And Publishers.

Fighting Inferno (Atatio) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Fighting Inferno features four unlockable characters and two modes of play. The background graphics are superb, with scenes set in Shangri La, New York City and Mexico. The character movements are realistic with each character having their own special move. Beginners will enjoy the game and experienced gamers will find the increasing difficulty quite challenging.

Code Red (Atatio) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Code Red is the latest high powered vertical scroller. It features fantastic level designs, catchy sound effects, killer power ups and invincibility shields. The 8-way movement is smooth and responsive, the attack sequences are realistic and the gameplay is fast and furious. The loud mouth squad leader introduces each of the 16 increasingly difficult sorties to you. Fly across the sea, through the desert and over enemy bases in order to shoot down the enemy planes whilst collecting enough medical supplies to save the squad.

Beat The Dealer: Poker Dice (Atatio) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Poker Dice is a classic casino game with easy to use controls and a well presented layout. It is a simple but addictive game played with five dice where you have three rolls to get the best hand you can. Hold that Ace? Or maybe go for the full house? The bets are configurable and you can go for broke or save your game to continue later.

Mini Golf (Atatio) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Mini Golf uses an isometric perspective to create a rich 3D world, you can even rotate the course to get a better view. There are 3 beautifully landscaped courses each one more challenging than the last. The control is simple just judge the line and pace of the ball but with a variety of ramps, pipes and water hazards to negotiate, if you’re not careful you’ll soon run into trouble. The realistic ball movement will have you jumping for joy as you bounce the ball off three walls and it rolls up nicely next to the hole or watch in agony as it runs away back down the slope.

Backstage Pass (Atatio) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

You play the part of Roadie Jack and your job is to help the greatest rock group on the planet during their sellout world tour. Unfortunately, all the years of late night partying have had an effect on the band, and they now seem to have a habit of leaving their equipment somewhere, and not being able to remember where it is.

ArrowBot (Lightplay) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

ArrowBot is an attractive and addictive puzzle game which is extremely hard to put down. ArrowBot has been designed to make full use of a mobile phones unique controls, as up to nine numbered keys are used in the game.

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Vogon Planet Destructor (Disney)
- Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Based on the hit film adaptation of the classic series by Douglas Adams, the mobile game promises a treat for dedicated fans. A classic shoot’em up with brilliant graphics, fantastic sound effects, tons of features and an assortment of cheats, this game will keep you entertained for some time. You play from the perspective of the Vogons, with your orders coming from the Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz.

Symbolize (Atatio) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Fantastic fast fingered fun. Symbolize is an extremely addictive puzzle game which will fully test your reactions, memory, and game playing expertise. You must play this game to see how great it is.

Symbolize is a very simple game to pick up, but extremely hard to put down. Symbolize has been designed to make full use of a mobile phones unique controls, as up to nine numbered keys are used in the game. Each key on your phone corresponds to a particular symbol.

Santa Stuffin Monkey (Atatio) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Didn’t get any thing good for Christmas? Or maybe you just don’t like Santa Claus? Either way: this game is for you. With the help of this devious little monkey your job is to stuff as many Santas down as many chimneys as possible. Santa Stuffin Monkey is an absolutely hilarious game! The animations are excellent and you are guaranteed to laugh out loud as the monkey shoots Santa like a basketball, plopping him head first into a chimney and then gleefully pounces up and down on him, stuffing the fat slob down into the chimney.

Bullion Bonanza (Gamesys) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Bullion Bonanza is a real time, live mobile casino application featuring a three line progressive slot machine offering two modes of play. Registered users can wager to win real stakes! There is also a practice mode for standalone play against a default account. Bullion Bonanza also features realistic visual and sound effects, configurable wagers and a detailed payout table.

Ben Chase Treasure Hunter (Lightplay) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Ben Chase, Treasure Hunter represents an ambitious attempt to create one of the first original game franchises for mobile phones. Playing the character of Ben Chase, you must explore the depths of the Egyptian catacombs in search of your lost brother. Face a variety of guardians who would stand in your way, including giant serpents, tigers, even mummies. Overcome a variety of challenging traps including moving platforms and treacherous springboards. Discover ancient ‘glyphs’ allowing you to bypass previously completed levels. The evocative art, detailed character animations, and developed narrative sets a new standard for wireless fun.

National Treasure (Disney) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

National Treasure is a 2D action platformer java mobile game based on the movie National Treasure from Disney. The game is developed by Lightplay, published by Starwave and released November 2004.

The Italian Job (Mforma) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Based o­n the hit movie from Paramount, “The Italian Job” is an exciting blend of top-down racing and heart-stopping action. Driving a super-fast Mini, players hunt down the gold-filled armoured truck and liberate its precious cargo.

Dual Threat (Lightplay) - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Dual Threat is a 2D action platformer java mobile game which consists of 6 different levels which has plenty of action, weapons and puzzles to solve. 

Intergalactic Invasion - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Intergalactic Invasion is a 2D action shoot-em-up java mobile game which consists many levels, weapons, power-ups and enemies to fight. The game was similar to many 80’s shoot-em-ups with the way the waves of aliens moved on the screen. 

All-Star Soccer Manager - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

All-Star Soccer Manager is an in-depth Football Manager game which puts you in control of the entire club and also what happens on the pitch, from the tactics to the transfers. Experience the highs and lows of running a football club!

Ultimate Pocket Soccer Manager - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Ultimate Pocket Soccer Manager is an original Football Manager game for Java / J2ME phones. You are the team Manager and also in charge of transfers. Perform well on the pitch to keep your job!

Experience the highs and lows of running a being a top football manager with this S60 Java game.

Skater Dude - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Skater Dude is an all action, sideways scrolling skating game for people who live on the edge!

Skate down very busy roads with obstacles, dangers and also collect valuable coins which can help you upgrade your shoes, trucks and boards in the Skate Shop.

United Battle - The Fight For Honour - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

United Battle – The Fight for Honour was developed for S60 Symbian mobile phones using Java. The game features many different characters with all different strengths plus unlockable characters. The player will travel across different destinations to fight and the game gets progressively harder as you move through the levels.

Classic Pub Pool - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Classic Pub Pool is a fun Pool game which has a variety of different pubs to play in and also different opponents too.

The game is an overhead 2D view and features realistic ball physics.

Destination Devastation - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Destination Devastation is a slick, sideways scrolling Beat-em-up featuring multiple characters and levels to fight your way through! The main character Daichi is seeking revenge for the murder of his girlfriend and will do all it takes to get that revenge.

The Curse Of KooKoo Banana - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

The Curse of KooKoo Banana was a puzzle and arcade game developed for the Symbian phones. The game was split into 2 parts, a puzzle section where the Monkey can push the blocks together to remove them, and also a Breakout section where more blocks can be exploded.

Invincible Hand Video Poker - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Try your hand at Invincible Hand Video Poker and see if lady luck smiles upon you! The game features sharp graphics and special features. Enjoy classic casino right at your fingertips with Video Poker! The game was designed for the S60 phones.

Pocket Golf Masters - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Pocket Golf Masters is a fast-paced, arcade-style golf game which is played with an overhead view of the golf course. Players choose from 2 game modes, stroke play or match play. There are 3 courses included from destinations around the world.

The game was originally developed for the Gameboy but was not completed so eventually was ported to the S60 phones.

Nebula Super Warp- Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Nebula Super Warp is a fast paced sideways scrolling 2D shoot-em-up which screams of the 80’s. You control the main ship Nebula and work your way through 6 very tough levels, destorying countless waves of enemies and in the process you can collect some very cool Power-ups! The game was developed for the S40 phone.

Blob Man - Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Originally designed for the Gameboy, this project soon moved to the S40 phones. Blobman is a classic sideways scrolling platform game but features a very fast and flexible lump of goo! He can transform and merge into different parts of the scenery and also outwit the enemies on his journey.

Ray Gun Mcquaid 2 (Mforma)- Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Upon successful defence of Star Base Beta, Ray Gun McQuaid is off to save the universe again. This time he undertakes a series of five missions, infiltrating Zarg Blip’s secret underground base. Fighting off Zarg Blip’s evil army, he must locate the reactor core, set it to self-destruct and get the hell out of there before it reaches critical mass! Only Raygun McQuaid can save the universe AGAIN!

The game was developed for S60 phones.

Top Gun Combat Zones (Mforma)- Java/Wap Mobile Game

Piloting an F-14 Tomcat fighter, the player, as Top Gun’s main character Maverick, has to complete many missions. The game features many different levels, weapons and interactions with different characters in the game such as Rio, The Commander and other Pilots.

The game was developed for S40 phones and also for WAP.

Bingo Gold (Atatio/Jackpot Joy)- Java/J2ME Mobile Game

Bingo Gold was developed for Jackpot Joy by us and Atatio. The game features a variety of bingo rooms is a real treat for any bingo lover, all are fast paced but very easy to use. There are options to play bingo for free or real play. With real play, we linked this directly to their servers so users can log into their accounts and play live.

The game was developed for S40 and S60 phones.

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